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 Pine Fur Con is taking place from Friday April 5 to Sunday April 7th this year. Location is South Portland, Maine.

The Therian panel called "Therian Howl" hosted by RunningRed is scheduled for 1:30 PM on the first day of the convention, Friday April 5. 

This will be an informal gathering open to anyone who identifies as a Therian or is interested in learning about Therianthropy. Running Red is a wolf Therian who has been in the community for a long time, since the mid 1990's. He's definitely a reliable person to talk on the subject in my opinion.

Day passes are available. Friday is $30 if you just want to attend the Therian Panel, but there is a lot going on that day. Erin, who is also a Therian, is hosting a concert starting at 4:00 PM.

Youtube video announcement: https://youtu.be/LdWFTk4Qp0I


In related news for gatherings and Howls, the date for the Northwest Howl in Washington State have been confirmed by Traveller, the organizer. The howl will be from Saturday July 20th through Tuesday July 23rd. There are still spaces available. You can learn more by creating an account and viewing the thread on Therian Guide forum. 


I hope to have information to share about the Norway Dragonkin Gathering soon. It's occurring later this summer. 

Thanks for reading. 


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Taking place in Dallas Texas on March 30 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. More details in video below or at the convention links.


Texas Furry Fiesta Main Page - https://2019.furryfiesta.org/

Panel Event Page - https://guidebook.com/guide/145631/event/22809250/

Furry Fiesta Schedule - https://guidebook.com/guide/145631/schedule/#date/03-30-2019



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